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It’s the first thing your feet touch in the morning, a room-sized chair for your children, a cool place to sleep for your pet – it’s your floor, and it matters more than you might realize. Whether you want to update your floors or go in an entirely new direction, Affordable Custom Flooring has the insight and expertise to look through all the options and help you find the one just for you and install it for you, too!

Superior Service and Flooring Installation

Affordable Custom Floors has earned high marks for service. We deliver consistent performance. Our exclusive installers are knowledgeable, reliable, experienced and trustworthy. We have 20 plus years of installation experience.

Affordable Custom Flooring: At a Glance

When you need new floors, here’s how you can know Affordable Custom Flooring is the right choice:

  • Huge variety of floor types and styles
  • Find the one that suits your house, lifestyle, and taste
  • More than 20 years experience
  • Professional installers work for exclusively for us to ensure the best quality
  • Dedicated to giving you the floor you want for your home
Flooring installation matters – an incorrectly installed floor can cause problems in the future. Cracked, chipped, broken, or peeling floors are much more likely to happen when there are problems in the installation. Our installers bring all of their expertise to your floor, and you will enjoy the benefits of a good floor and their experience for years.

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